Top 6 Ways To Tell If Your Door Needs To Be Replaced

Thinking about replacing your exterior doors but unsure if it’s time? Home maintenance experts recommend replacing the front door every 20-60 years, depending on the frequency of use and climate. Here are some ways to tell:

  1. Your door is making squeaky noises and sometimes gets stuck during operation. Don’t let a stuck door get in the way of where you need to be. Routine maintenance such as touch-ups with a lubricating spray like WD-40 can keep your hinges moving smoothly, reducing squeakiness or immobility. When the issue becomes too nerve-wracking to bear, give Homespire a call to learn more about replacing your squeaky door.
  2. Cold air drafts in from under the door and around seals. One thing you may notice is your feet getting cold in the areas around your door, with some people putting a Band-Aid on the problem by stuffing a towel against the bottom of the door. You might also see it reflected in your rising energy bill. Over time, the materials in seals around the frame and any glass components in your door can break down and warp or separate from the door or glass entirely. A better solution would be to replace the weatherproofing seals around the door or purchase a new door entirely.
  3. There’s moisture between the panes of glass in your patio door. If your door is collecting condensation, in between panes or on the inside of your home, it’s a good idea to check that you have adequate insulation and your seals are intact. Unwanted moisture in your home can lead to a bevy of problems, including damaging the structure of your home and health issues caused by mold.
  4. You’ve experienced water or pest damage. While your door might not show signs right away, it’ll eventually begin to bow and break under pressure if it’s been structurally compromised by moisture or pests. If you’ve had an exterminator tell you 50% or more of your door or frame’s wood has been compromised, it’s time to replace the door. This problem can be prevented in the future by replacing your old wooden door with a steel or fiberglass option.
  5. There’s obvious damage, such as a crack in the door frame or glass. These are clear signs that your door is not as secure as it should be and you need to replace it before it fails altogether.
  6. Do you get complimented for your “antique” or “retro” door when it isn’t your style? It might be that your house could use a little update. When improving the facade of your house, don’t neglect the front door, as it’s the first place visitors see. Make sure it reflects your personal tastes and the overall look you’re going for. 

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Types of Door Installations

The type of door you need installed depends mostly on the door’s use and location. Homespire offers custom-built secured entryway doors and storm doors from ProVia, as well as the Infinity ® from Marvin ® patio doors.

Entry and Storm Doors

The focal point of your home, a stunning front door can make a wonderful first impression. For this reason, real estate agents advise that a new front door is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. Get your money’s worth with a new steel or fiberglass entryway and storm door by ProVia, door manufacturing pioneers. 

When security is your main priority, check out the 20-gauge Legacy steel doors. With a state-of-the-art interlocking construction, impressive durability, insulation from the elements and a long series of unique customization options, ProVia Legacy entryway doors are truly top of the line. 

The Legacy series doors feature Trillenium triple-point locking hardware, and doors in the 8-foot Heritage and Signet fiberglass doors can be made with the Trillenium system. These locks offer superior security as well as better door integrity, closure and sealing than single-point locking mechanisms. Three 1-inch deadbolts with anti-saw hardened steel pins run down the door. Latch and deadbolt release is accomplished with a single downward turn that disengages all three deadbolts simultaneously. 

When you need a storm door to highlight your entryway, check out the line of ProVia doors available in unique colors and styles. There are 16 options in the classic colors line for fiberglass storm doors and 11 trending colors for a personalized look. Choose from either sturdy steel mesh, durable fiberglass or a combination of the two in one of many exclusive ProVia layouts. Backed by our limited lifetime warranty, storm doors are built to withstand the weather and keep the inside and outside of your house comfortable and looking great for years to come.

Patio Doors

Whether you need a sliding, folding or French door, Homespire has you covered with the beautiful Infinity series patio doors. With configurations of panels up to 22 feet long, you’re sure to find the right door for your indoor-to-outdoor living transition area. 

Bifold doors glide along hanging hardware to make operation effortless. Infinity’s bifold door can quickly transform your indoor living space by stacking your fiberglass panels along one or both sides to frame your home’s gorgeous view. Seamless hardware, available in nine finishes, is hidden within the doors to provide a minimalistic look. Five-point locking mechanisms are easy to use — simply turn the handle 180 degrees to lock and unlock your patio door.

When it’s time to replace the exterior doors in your Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home, call Homespire at 833-684-1873. Our friendly installation experts are here to answer all your door and window replacement questions and get you started with a free consultation.

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