Top 4 Reasons To Replace Your Doors Periodically

If you’re thinking about getting new doors for your New Jersey home but aren’t sure if it’s time, here are some reasons to go ahead and replace them.

  1. They don’t protect you from the elements (or high energy bills!) like they used to. As doors get older, seals around the frame and any glass pieces tend to break down. This can allow tepid winds (or pests!) to sneak into your home, or let your not-inexpensively conditioned air escape, driving up the cost of keeping your house at a comfortable temperature. Insufficient insulation may even increase dampness around doors, especially glass patio doors, leading to health hazards like mold. If you live in an area prone to flooding and snowstorms like Cherry Hill, NJ is, you’ll want to be especially cautious and make sure your exterior doors are well insulated from ice and snow. Homespire is dedicated to keeping you warm and dry all year, offering entryway and storm doors by ProVia, 90% of which are Energy Star Certified.
  2. You want to reduce lifetime maintenance costs on your home. Every year, New Jersey residents experience storm seasons with fierce winds and heavy rains. This type of weather can cause an older house to deteriorate faster, shrinking and settling with each temperature and humidity change. Regular maintenance chores for doors include repainting, sealing against weather, replacing seals as needed and refitting lock jams periodically. A doorknob can wear down after being turned 10,000 to 20,000 times in its lifetime, and older doors made of less durable materials such as wood can warp and even split over time, adding even more to your home maintenance schedule. Replace your existing doors with new top-of-the-line models made of the highest-quality materials to save yourself money and time in the long run.
  3. You need a stronger security system. No matter where you live, it’s important to be able to protect your space and family with a good functioning locking door. Some signs that your door’s locks may be failing include funny noises when turning or the lock sometimes not turning as it should. Locksmiths typically advise door locks to be replaced every seven years to maintain the highest level of security. While older doors can easily be fitted with deadbolts and other security measures, new entryway doors by ProVia have a solid fiberglass or steel construction that doesn’t skimp on looks. When you’re planning to replace a patio door, look for offerings by Infinity ® from Marvin ® that combine grace with technology and feature five-point security systems. The door locks are seamlessly integrated into the design of the door and activated by turning the handle 180 degrees.
  4. You want the nicest-looking house on the block. When your curb appeal is a tad blase, replace your entryway and patio doors with a sleek, modern choice that showcases your personal style and gets the neighbors talking for all the right reasons. Real estate agents advise that the front door is the first place to be complimented, since it’s the first thing a visitor sees. Impress the neighbors with a new designer front door.

Entryway doors by ProVia are available in all styles to fit your tastes. Achieve a regal look with an ornate 8-foot door featuring steel filigree accents and multipoint hardware to offer better door closure and sealing. Customize the front, back and overall width and height of the door to perfectly frame your first impressions.

Door Replacement New Jersey

Pick the Best Door for Your Needs

One of the first things to consider when picking a door is its location. Are you looking for a door for a smaller area that needs to be operational without taking up much room? Do you need an entryway door with more of a focus on security, or a patio door that allows you to enjoy the view of your backyard from inside your home? Depending on your needs, your style and your home’s unique construction, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Entryway and Storm Door Replacement and Installation in New Jersey

Our high-performing line of front doors by ProVia offers style, function and peace of mind as they’re constructed of the highest-grade materials and feature a limited lifetime guarantee on durability. Made of sturdy fiberglass, ProVia entryway and storm doors come in a variety of styles that incorporate elements such as gorgeous glass panels in unique as well as classical configurations and modern finishes. They can be customized to fit your existing design scheme, whether it be a smooth paint finish or an interesting wood grain pattern.

Door Replacement Cherry Hill New Jersey

Installing Sliding & Patio Doors

When searching for the perfect solution to your home improvement needs, consider patio doors by Infinity. They offer a range of options, up to 6 panels and 22 feet long, that perfectly blend into your home’s existing construction. Promising lasting performance, Infinity doors are made of durable fiberglass instead of vinyl, expanding 87% less (ensuring lasting stability), providing eight times the strength and saving homeowners with an average 68%-72% return on investment, markedly higher than most interior renovations.

No matter how much space you need to accommodate or what environmental and construction issues you have when considering what type of doors to fit your home with, the pros at Homespire in Cherry Hill, NJ, can help. Call today at 833-684-1873, or go online to schedule a free consultation. With over 30 years of experience, our friendly team of installation technicians is available to walk you through the door installation process with ease and get you relaxing in your beautiful home in no time.

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