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Specialty Window Replacement

Specialty windows come in various shapes and sizes to help you make your home unique. These products offer exclusive beauty and uncommon styles to your house, helping enhance curb appeal while adding more light to a room.

Specialty Windows

Homeowners can add flair and elegance to their living spaces by installing specialty windows from Infinity from Marvin – Homespire Windows & Doors. Many of these options have shapes other than the traditional square and rectangle frames. From distinctive geometric shapes with striking angles to elegant arches with compelling curves, these windows offer a wide range of options to choose from when you want to add character to your home.

A specialty window can stand alone as a picture window or be paired with other windows to create a unique display. These products also help bring more natural light into a room. You can transform any room’s atmosphere by installing specialty windows.

Specialty Windows Offer Character and Efficiency

Windows can increase your home’s curb appeal and sustainability. With this in mind, Infinity from Marvin – Homespire Windows and Doors offers customizable and energy-efficient products. Our specialty options provide various benefits for homeowners who want to enhance the features and value of their homes.

Our offerings are customizable, so you can install unique shapes to be focal points in your house and design your windows to fit your needs and style. At Homespire, we provide various geometric shapes and sizeable stand-alone picture windows that could reach an impressive 10 feet. Achieve the open view you want from any room by replacing standard options with specialty windows. Our trusted manufacturing partners will deliver products following your design preferences and needs.

You can also use specialty windows to match and enrich your current setup. Add a small specialty window above one of your windows to improve the space while letting more natural light in. You could also light up small, dark areas by installing these specialty products, whether they are floor-to-ceiling or standard size.

When you live in an area with changing seasons, having windows that can save you money while protecting your property against the elements is essential. We can help you determine the best specialty window to boost your home’s energy efficiency and value. Our products improve energy efficiency in houses by 54%. We team up with our manufacturing partner to provide premier insulation to keep the cool air in and heat out or vice versa.

Why Choose Us?

Specialty replacement windows can elevate your home’s architecture in innovative ways. When you choose Infinity from Marvin – Homespire Windows and Doors, you can rest assured you’ll receive high-quality services. We offer various advantages, including:

  • Expert training: All of our technicians, whether on the sales or installation team, receive rigorous training to provide the best services possible for homeowners.
  • Trusted team members: We ensure every employee is drug-tested, background-checked and insured.
  • Focus on energy efficiency: We test all of our products to confirm they offer the highest energy efficiency and security possible.

The Infinity Fiberglass Window Advantage

When you choose specialty window installation services from Infinity from Marvin – Homespire Windows and Doors, you can trust that you’ll receive comprehensive service. Our installers come to your home with all the materials and tools required to install your windows efficiently and provide a perfect fit.

Ultrex® fiberglass delivers lasting performance

  • Eight times stronger than vinyl to protect your home’s integrity
  • Resists contracting and expanding in all climates by growing 87% less than vinyl
  • Resistant to seal failures, stress cracks and leaks
  • Average 68 to 72% return on investment, ranking higher than most interior renovations

Acclaimed design that withstands the test of time

  • Ultrex® fiberglass has a longer life expectancy than vinyl
  • All products have narrow profiles, providing more daylight and expanded views
  • You can choose from a comprehensive collection of features, styles and options
  • Our proprietary acrylic finish is virtually maintenance-free and fade-resistant

Contact Us Today for a Specialty Window Installation

Infinity from Marvin – Homespire Windows and Doors can help whenever you need replacement specialty windows. We have over 25 years of experience serving the Central Pennsylvania area with quality home improvement services. Our expert technicians can install custom replacement specialty windows to enhance your house’s curb appeal and allow more natural sunlight in.

We provide high-quality windows to protect your family and home. Start planning your specialty window replacement by calling us at 833-684-1873 or scheduling a free consultation online today!

Why Choose Us?

The Infinity Fiberglass Window Advantage

The benchmark for customer service and satisfaction

Our experienced technicians install windows of all shapes and sizes, including hard-to-fit and unusual models. Our installers will arrive at your home equipped with all of the tools and materials they need to guarantee perfect fit and function. Our Homespire’s Signature Warranty1 covers the installation of your windows for as long as you own your home.

Home window replacement warranty and peace of mind

Ultrex® fiberglass delivers lasting performance

  • Expands 87% less than vinyl – resists expanding and contracting in any climate

  • 8 time stronger than vinyl – protects the integrity of your home

  • Resistant to leaks, seal failures and stress cracks – all things that can affect energy efficiency

  • An average 68-72% return on investment – ranks higher than most interior renovations

Bathroom window replacement

Acclaimed design that withstands the test of time

  • We offer a complete collection of styles, features and options to complement any home

  • All products feature narrow profiles for expanded views and more daylight

  • Fiberglass has a longer useful life expectancy than vinyl

  • Our proprietary acrylic finish is fade-resistant and virtually maintenance-free

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What Pennsylvania Homeowners Love About Us

“These guys are the best people ever. I had never had these experiences with installers. I will definitely recommend your company to all friends & family members. “

Reading, PA

“It was a pleasure having the crew in my home. They were so clean with their work; you would not have known they were working and working diligently. They were superb.”

Harrisburg, PA

“We were very pleased with our Homespire experience! The sales rep and installation crew were fantastic! Very pleased with our windows and our beautiful basement door.”

Boiling Springs, PA

“Our experience with Homespire from start to finish was excellent. Our Sales Rep, Winston, was friendly and knowledgeable. He didn’t pressure us into any decision. Our installation went so smoothly. Andrew and his crew cleaned up so well, you wouldn’t have even known they were there. We also liked working with a local company. “

Lancaster, PA

“The workers were very professional. They worked very well together. They were very knowledgeable about the job that they were doing. Something didn’t look right they made it right. We love the work they have done for us. We would not have any hesitation to recommend them to anyone.”

Shermans Dale, PA