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What is Homespire?

Homespire for Life is a Pennsylvania-based window and door replacement company. Our windows are made by PA residents for the PA climate, hand-manufactured in our partner facility in PA. Each window is custom-made for each home with the highest quality American materials, allowing us to proudly label our windows Made in USA certified. At every step in the window replacement process, you will work with Homespire-hired and trained employees, from the sales representative to the installer. Hiring and training our own W2 employee installers means we can offer the most truthful and comprehensive lifetime warranty on the market, covering both our products and labor.

How long do Homespire windows and doors last?

Homespire windows are designed, built, and installed with the quality to last a lifetime. In fact, Homespire is so confident in the quality of our windows, from materials and assembly to final installation, we provide the most comprehensive and honest lifetime warranty on the market, covering both products and labor for as long as you own your home.

How much does a typical Homespire project cost?

The cost of a Homespire window or door replacement project varies greatly from home to home. Some homeowners only need their front door replaced, while others need dozens of standard windows or a few unique windows. Having hands on every aspect of your windows design, creation, and installation, we can ensure the highest quality craftsmanship at the most reasonable price for your personal project.

Where are Homespire windows made?
Homespire windows are hand-assembled in a privately-owned manufacturing plant in PA. Homespire has partnered with this manufacturing facility and developed a unique process for assembling our windows efficiently and with the highest quality, American-sourced materials available. The engineers who helped design our windows and the workers who build them are familiar with the constantly-changing Pennsylvania climate. The materials and assembly processes are made specifically to ensure our windows can handle anything the PA climate sends their way, keeping PA homeowners safe and comfortable no matter the time of year.
What types of windows and doors does Homespire offer?

Homespire Windows and Doors offers all of the standard shapes of styles of windows – double-hung, bay and bow windows, casement windows, and much more. In fact, we can accommodate the needs of virtually any homeowner. Our partner manufacturing facility has the capacity to hand-assemble practically any size or shape of window you need, so unique picture windows are no problem. We also offer highly customizable front doors and top quality storm doors for the entrances to your home.

Are Homespire windows and doors energy efficient?
Homespire windows have been independently engineered to be highly energy efficient in our Pennsylvania climate. In fact, Homespire windows have the potential to make your home up to 54% more energy efficient as a result of their advanced design and use of high-quality materials, including our unique 12-layer Homespire Glass system.
What does the Homespire Windows and Doors lifetime warranty cover?

The Homespire Lifetime Warranty covers all parts and labor on all of our installations. Homespire is proud to hire and train all of our own installers in order to provide this honest and complete coverage on our window and door installations. Many companies will use labor as a loophole to avoid warranty coverage on their installations, using third-party subcontractors. Not Homespire. With us, you are covered for as long as you own your home. Period.

Who installs Homespire windows and doors?

Homespire Windows and Doors is proud to only use our own hired and trained installers for our window and door replacement projects. Our installers are W2 employees and are provided with top-quality training, equipment, and transportation to ensure the quality of our installations is the best in the business. With quality materials provided for them and training in our comprehensive installation process, our installers can focus on providing a quality installation to save you time and money.

Can Homespire windows and doors improve the security of my home?

Homespire windows and doors are some of the only products on the market that prioritize security as well as energy efficiency. We designed our Homespire Glass to not only be powerfully energy efficient, but to also have structural integrity to match that of safety glass. Our windows can withstand the impact of a 55 MPH baseball and the impact of a falling bowling ball. Why does this matter to us? With tornadoes and high-wind storms becoming more common in the Pennsylvania area, security measures like this will become more vital to the safety of PA families.

How much money can I expect to save on my electric bill after installing Homespire windows and doors?
Homespire windows have been proven to reduce PA homeowners’ energy bills by as much as 35% in a given year. The change is so significant that many Homespire customers have felt the difference in their homes – feeling cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter – right after having their Homespire windows installed.
What climate are Homespire windows and doors designed to withstand?

Homespire windows are made to handle the changing climate of Pennsylvania. They are manufactured in PA and installed by PA residents for PA residents. With the PA climate becoming more unpredictable every year – from increases in extreme weather conditions like temperature fluctuations to tornadoes and hail – Homespire windows are one of the few products on the market that are designed to handle these changes to ensure homeowners are kept comfortable and safe.

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