If your windows start to leak every time it rains, you need to investigate the cause. Windows that aren’t sufficiently sealed and weatherproofed can allow water to enter and leak down the windowpane, collecting on the sill.

Water is a hassle to clean up inside. Also, moisture left on wood surfaces for prolonged periods — such as on your windowsill or furniture around the windows — can cause the wood to discolor, peel, and warp.

Why Do My Windows Leak When It Rains?

If you notice that your windows leak when it rains, the most likely cause is improper construction, faulty window installation, poor maintenance, or old caulking. Other causes include improperly angled fascia or a lack of overhang. Try to determine when your window started leaking and if the leak has remained constant or gotten worse over time.

No matter the cause of your leaking windows, not fixing them can negatively impact both the look and structural integrity of your windows. Repair leaks quickly to prevent any lasting damage.

How Do You Protect Your House Windows When It Rains?

You need to check your current seals and weatherstripping to protect your house when it rains. These areas on your window are vulnerable, making it important to regularly monitor and maintain them whenever they get worn and damaged. To ensure your windows are secure whenever it rains, check the outside for any cracks or areas with missing sealant.

Other tips to protect your house’s windows include:

  • Keep your windows closed during inclement weather
  • Clear holes on the frames’ exterior
  • Clear the windows’ tracks
  • Seal window frames

How Do You Seal Outside Windows?

Get some caulk or foam sealant to start sealing your windows. Pay attention to the areas where the window meets the frame and wall as well as where one window section meets another. Applying the caulk and sealant there ensures you get a barrier that makes the area watertight.

You want to seal any leaks where air and water can get through to stop rain from coming through your windows. Leaving openings exposed can allow water to leak into your house and negatively impact your energy bills.

How Do You Install Weatherstripping on a Double-Hung Window?

If you need to install weatherstripping on a double-hung window, wipe the entire window sash to ensure a clean application. Cut the weatherstripping to the right length and apply the adhesive side to the bottom of the window. Once you’ve installed the V-channel, added a few finish nails, cleaned the sash, and tested it, your windows will be protected.

Make sure you have the right materials for the job before you start. Some weatherstripping is only designed to work within certain temperature ranges. Once you have the right weatherstripping, find any areas where there are leaks and holes and apply the weatherstripping there first.

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