How to Turn Your Window into the Room's Focal Point

If you have a home, it’s almost guaranteed you have at least one window. Windows help to open up a space, bring light and fresh air into a room, and let you greet your neighbors without having to leave the comfort of your home. However, did you know your windows can do all that while also increasing your room’s aesthetic appeal?

By enhancing the window’s presence in the room, the window can in turn enhance the room for you. A well-styled window can draw the eye of guests and prospective buyers alike, creating a focal point in your room with just a few small touches.

Focal Points and Why They Matter

A focal point is something that immediately draws the eye — for example, the main subject of a painting. A room’s focal point is what people notice first, whether it is a piece of furniture, a fireplace or a window. A strong focal point can have a number of positive effects on a room:

  • First impression: The room’s focal point, no matter what it is, sets the first impression of the room. Whether that first impression is the theme, the apparent size of the room, or whether or not someone likes your décor is all dependent on the focal point.
  • Brings the room together: There are times when the focal point can be what ties your entire room together. Whether it is the culmination of your room’s theme, the thing that keeps an otherwise cramped room from feeling too small, or something else, a focal point can make or break your room’s design.
  • Creates a theme: A good focal point can help create an overall theme or style in a room. For example, if one wished to create a cozy room with a warm, traditional home theme, having a fireplace as the focal point would immediately set that theme.
  • Brightens a room: The right focal point can brighten up an otherwise dark room. For example, if the room relies largely on a dark color palette, the use of a bright accent color or a large window as the focal point can make the room feel less oppressive.
  • Makes a room more spacious: If the focal point is something that makes the room feel more open, such as a window or a brightly colored piece of furniture, then it creates the immediate impression that the room is bigger and more spacious than it actually is.
  • Refresh a room: If your room’s design is stale, switching it up and creating a new focal point can make it feel fresh and new. Sometimes this is as simple as rearranging your furniture or enhancing a pre-existing feature of the room, such as a window.

Creating a New Focal Point

Windows serve as good focal points for a number of reasons. Most homes already have windows, meaning the base of the focal point is already set up. A good focal point should also possess a light source nearby to draw attention, and windows provide this on their own by letting in natural light. Windows also naturally make rooms feel larger and more open, so having one as a focal point will immediately enhance that effect.

6 Tips to Help Style Your Window

Now that you know the benefits of a strong focal point and understand why windows can be a good choice, you may be eager to turn your windows into focal points. However, you may also be unsure how to enhance your window’s presence. Here are a few tips to help you style your window:

  • Add curtains: Curtains are a common accessory for windows, both as a way to add color and as a way to block the sun and prying eyes from the room. Hang a pair of curtains to help accentuate your window. Bold colors and patterns are a good way to draw the eye, particularly if your room uses a largely neutral color palette. The length and shape of the curtains should be fitted to your window type.
  • Add furniture: Unless you’re going for an ultra-minimalist look, chances are you’re planning to have furniture in the same room as your window. The way you arrange this furniture can draw attention to the window and create a focal point. For example, you can place a small table and chairs near a kitchen window to create a breakfast nook, or a loveseat and lamp by a living room or study window to create a reading spot.
  • Add a rug: A rug can serve as a pathway to lead guests to your window. If you don’t have room for furniture or other window accessories, a small throw rug can be an easy way to draw eyes. Similarly to curtains, a bold color or pattern works well and can serve as good contrast to a neutral room.
  • Add molding: Molding and other wall décor can be a good way to subtly draw eyes to your window. If you already have window moldings, wipe them down to clean them and apply a fresh coat of paint to make them pop.
  • Add shelving: Clear shelving is a unique way to draw attention to your windows and create extra storage space while still allowing light to enter the room. Install clear shelves in front of your window and use them to store small objects, such as dishes, art or potted plants.
  • Add plants: Indoor plants can not only draw attention to your windows, but also serve as a good way to make your room feel more connected with nature, improve indoor air quality, and reduce stress. You can place potted plants on furniture around your window, place them on clear shelves in front of the window, or hang them from the ceiling. Not only does placing plants by the window draw the eye, but it also ensures they’ll get some natural sunlight in the process.

6 Tips to Help Style Your Window

You can add more than one of these accessories to your window in order to make it pop. For example, potted plants can be placed on shelves or furniture in order to draw attention to both the placement spot and the window. If you put a rug in front of your window, you can match the color and patterns with the curtains to create a stronger color theme. Experiment with what you have and see what combinations you like the most!

Choosing a Window Style that Pops

There are plenty of small ways you can enhance a pre-existing window, but to maximize the efficiency of your efforts, you need to customize your decorations according to your window type. You may also want to get a new window but will need to understand the different types and which one to choose. Different window types have different benefits:

  • Bay windows: Bay windows are a set of three windows that protrude outward from the home. This opens up the room and allows for a good amount of natural sunlight. They also create space for shelves, window seats and other furniture that help draw the eye. The length of the window and the angle it protrudes from does make it difficult to cover with curtains.
  • Bow windows: Similarly to bay windows, bow windows are a group of windows that protrude outward from the home. The difference is that bay windows are traditionally formed from a group of three windows, while bow windows are formed from a group of four or more. The outward protrusion opens up the room, allows for more natural light to enter, and creates extra space for furniture that can be used to create a focal point around your window. Again similarly to the bay windows, they take more effort to cover with curtains due to their size and shape.
  • Sliding windows: Sliding windows are, as the names says, windows that slide open horizontally instead of opening by crank or pushing outward on a hinge. Since sliding windows allow you to open an entire half of the window at once, they let in a good amount of fresh air. Curtains mimic the sliding motion of the windows when opening them, making them a good pairing for creating a focal point.
  • Picture windows: The greatest strength of a picture window is its ability to fit into your home. While they don’t open, they can be custom-shaped and serve as both a window and an artistic choice. This also means you can pair them with a variety of accessories, depending on their shape and size. For example, a smaller window can be emphasized with molding or hanging plants, while a larger window is better for curtains and clear shelves.
  • Awning windows: Awning windows are built with hinges at the top, allowing them to push outward when opened. This lets fresh air into the room while cutting down on rain and debris getting in through unscreened windows. The entire window opening also allows for unobstructed views and maximum fresh air. This makes them good for plants that thrive on fresh air and sunlight. Clear shelves, however, will be entirely vulnerable if you regularly leave the window open unscreened.
  • Double-hung windows: Double-hung windows have two sashes, meaning they can be opened from both the top and bottom halves. This allows for the best access to natural light and fresh air. In addition, opening them from the top allows for more heat to escape, which is helpful in regulating the temperature of your home. These windows are commonly placed in sunrooms, making them good windows to keep your indoor plants by.
  • Custom-made windows: A custom-made window will suit your house, no matter how unique the architectural style. The shape and style can be customized to maximize the attention the window draws, making for an easier focal point to your house and your room. How they can be made into a focal point or what accessories they pair best with differs from window to window.

Custom-Made Window

If you’re getting a new window, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each window type before you commit to one. Consider what room the window will be placed in and what effect you’d like to create with it. Think about what potential window accessories you already have and how they’d fit with each window type. For example, if you have a nice set of curtains, a larger window might be too big for them.

Choosing Infinity From Marvin – Homespire Windows & Doors

Once you’ve analyzed your windows and your options, you may realize that the windows you have aren’t enough to make a compelling focal point, even with added touches. You might decide that you’d rather get new windows, not just to create a strong focal point, but to update the strength and security of your home’s entry points. If you decide you want new windows but aren’t sure where to turn, start with Homespire.

Homespire features a four-step process in order to ensure our customers are satisfied with their new windows:

  • Analyze: The first step to Homespire’s home decoration process is a free window analysis. One of our representatives will come to your home, assess the structure, and help you decide on the best window that will both meet your needs and fit within your budget. Whether you choose bay, awning, picture windows or something else, we’ll help you make the right decision.
  • Manufacture: After we know what kind of window works best for you, we begin the manufacturing process. Not only do we design windows to your exact specifications, but we have access to the latest window technologies, resulting in stronger, more efficient and longer-lasting windows.
  • Install: Once your windows are made, our team expertly installs them into your home. We screen, train and insure our technicians to make sure your installation is fast and skilled.
  • Support: Homespire’s support doesn’t end after your new windows are installed. If you ever have an issue with one of your windows, our team will be happy to help resolve it.

All Homespire products are tested for strength and energy efficiency, so you know that you’ll be getting the best when you choose us as your home renovators.

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A room’s focal point is, with only some exaggeration, the heart and soul of the room. By creating a strong focal point, you can make a room feel bigger, brighter, cozier or more exciting. Using a window as a focal points means you don’t have to agonize over furniture placement or fret over buying new art — you can use a feature your room already has. With just a few small adjustments, you can turn the window into an eye-catching room centerpiece.

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows to give your room a fresh new focal point, try Infinity from Marvin – Homespire Windows & Doors. We are committed to improving the lives of our clients with professional, high-quality window and door installations. Contact us today for a free window analysis and give your home windows you can be proud of.