How to Pet-Proof Your Windows

Cats and dogs are fun, watchful and cuddly companions that keep you company. They can also unintentionally cause damage to your windows by scratching open the screens, breaking blinds and snagging curtains. Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent your pets from causing window damage.

From understanding the destructive behaviors of your dog or cat to knowing the right kind of window treatments to choose to help reduce the risks of damage, this guide can provide you with the solutions you need. Learn more about pet-proofing your windows and how you can make changes at home.

Understanding Why Dogs and Cats Damage Windows

Your cat or dog may not be intentionally causing damage to your windows and treatments. In many cases, their scratching or chewing can be a result of deeper behavioral issues. Finding out why your pets are damaging your windows can help you understand and address the problem to the best of your ability.

Dogs and Window Damage

When it comes to dogs, damaged windows can be a sign of destructive behaviors that have been triggered for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons your dog is damaging your windows include:

  • Boredom: When dogs do not have enough physical or mental stimulation, they find their own ways to release energy. Digging, scratching and chewing around your windows can be a result of pent-up excitement.
  • Separation anxiety: Your dog might get anxious when they are left home alone. If they have separation anxiety, they can take out their nervous energy on their surroundings.
  • Spotting pets, people or prey: Dogs commonly have territorial behaviors like barking or scratching when they see something outside of your home.
  • Noise anxiety: With their heightened senses, dogs can get anxious from unfamiliar sounds. Stress chewing, jumping and scratching your windows can help them express their worry.

Cats and Window Damage

Furry felines that have destructive behaviors likely have an underlying reason that is completely normal. Usually, you can correct behavior early on in kittens. If you have or adopt an older cat, you might have to work more to change their habits.

If you have or adopt and older cat

If your cat is causing damage to your windows, it may be due to:

  • Unmet scratching needs: Scratching is a normal behavior in cats, and they do it to deposit scents and remove sheaths from their claws. Providing alternative materials for them to scratch — like scratching pads or posts — can help them redirect their scratching urges.
  • Curiosity or seeking comfort: Some cats, usually kittens, can suck or chew on materials to comfort themselves or explore their world. Giving them plenty of toys, space and attention can help them nurture their behavior healthily.

Ways to Pet-Proof Your Windows

Though you might have already experienced your pet’s behavior, there are ways to redirect it and save your windows. Whether you have a cat or a dog, there are definitely ways to pet-proof your windows to reduce damage. You may have to incorporate multiple methods to find what works best for your pet or talk to your veterinarian for specific approaches that match your pet’s personality.


As a cat owner, you may wonder what more you could do to eliminate cat scratches on the window screen. Some of the most popular methods of cat-proofing to prevent window pet damage are easily done with limited tools. Finding the right mix can help your cat enjoy looking out the window or entering and exiting the house safely.

When you want to reduce window damage from cats:

  • Put down double-sided sticky tape on the windowsills. This will likely deter your cat from jumping onto your windows since they do not like the sticky feeling on their paws.
  • Reinforce your window screens from the outside. This can be done with the use of duct tape, screws, or nails.
  • Replace your window screens with heavier, more durable options. You can also double up your screens if you desire the extra reinforcement.
  • Provide enough options for them to scratch and play with. Scratching posts, things to climb, and toys to play with to adequately soothe their natural instincts to scratch and explore.
  • Install metal grids or acrylic grill guards on your screens. These protective barriers eliminate your cat’s access to the windows.
  • Choose metal latches to help strengthen your locks. This will prevent your window from opening too far without your intention.
  • Replacing your current screens with magnetic window screens. Magnetic screens can help you let your cat in or out while protecting your screen from cat scratches.

Working with your cat’s behavior instead of against it can help them enjoy the window space while protecting your home.


Whether your dog has just begun to target your windows or you have been struggling with preventing window damage, there are some tried-and-true solutions. We have some of the best suggestions for pet-proofing your windows and reducing damage caused by your canine friend.

Tried-and-True Solutions

To protect your window from your dog:

  • Exercise your dog frequently. Keeping your dog in good shape will help reduce the urge to scratch and chew your windows.
  • Block your dog’s access to your windows. Install a window guard to prevent contact between your dog and the windows. Many guards mount to the window frame, so you can still use window blinds if you would prefer.
  • Invest in thicker, more durable window coverings. Blinds made of heavier materials will reduce the risk of them bending and breaking. However, keep in mind that the denser the material, the less light will filter through.
  • Using a baby gate to block off entry to windows. If your dog cannot access your windows, it can’t cause any damage.
  • Leave your blinds partially raised. Allow your dog the opportunity to look out the window without raising the blinds completely.

You may need to find new tools to save your windows. Whenever you decide it’s time to improve your protective strategy, blinds and other window accessories can help.

To protect your window from your dog

Things to Consider When Buying Blinds

Before you pick out a new set of blinds, plan out what style, material and design would be best for protecting your windows from your pet. Infinity from Marvin – Homespire Windows & Doors can help you decide on the best pair of blinds for your needs.

Find Quality Options

When you set out to buy new window blinds, keep in mind you want something of good quality that will last. This may seem daunting when it seems like your pets may never stop causing damage to your blinds. You may not feel comfortable spending a lot of money on blinds just for them to get destroyed.

Choosing the right kind of window blinds for your home will greatly reduce the chances of your pets damaging windows. The stronger the material, the more effective it will be at preventing scratches, chewing and more from your pet.

Choose the Right Style

There are different blind styles and orientations to choose from, depending on your window size and shape.

Vertical blinds may be a superior option for your home. They come in a variety of materials and sizes, making it easy to find something suitable for any décor. Vertical blinds allow your pet to stick its head between the slats without bending or breaking them.

Top-down, bottom-up cordless shades also make an excellent solution. These cordless shades offer unique advantages compared to vertical blinds. You can pull the blinds closed on the bottom while lowering the top of the blind to allow light in or vice versa. This feature allows dogs to push the blinds up from the bottom, eliminating the frustrations of trying to shove their heads between the slats.


You want something of good quality that will last


Windows with between-glass blinds are ideal if you want to completely eliminate the constant damaging of window blinds or other coverings. These windows are designed with blinds built in between the two layers of glass which can then be operated from the frame. There is absolutely no access to window blinds to bend or break, reducing access for your cat or dog to cause damage.

Consider Alternatives or Additions

One of the most common alternatives to blinds is window film. Window film may also be a great choice for filtering in light while reducing views to the outside. This can be helpful if you have an excitable pooch when there are people or other animals outside. Window films come in a variety of colors, patterns and light filtering choices which make them a great solution for anyone’s home. You can also use them in conjunction with blinds for even more light filtering or aesthetic options.

The Benefits of Pet-Proofing Your Windows

Pet-proofing your windows can make all the difference for you and your pets. It helps keep your home looking its best and reduces excess costs of consistently having to replace your blinds, screens and other components of your windows. Using pet-proofing methods such as pet screens and other barriers will let you keep using your windows without having to sacrifice their condition due to scratching and chewing.

There are many benefits to pet-proofing your windows, such as:

  • Improved safety: Pet-proofing lets your pet enjoy their lookout and watch the clouds go by without hurting themselves or posing a risk.
  • Enhanced appearances: Barriers such as grills and baby gates can prevent costly damage to window frames, screens, and blinds by reducing the ease of accessibility for your pets.
  • Happier pets: When you use noise, light and stress-reducing methods to protect your windows, you are also helping your pet.
  • Secure window parts: Pet screens are considered to be significantly stronger than regular screens as they are generally made with polyester fibers coated in durable PVC. You can increase your screen strength while still allowing a nice, fresh breeze to come through.

Pet-proofing will allow them to enjoy the sounds and fresh air of the great outdoors if they enjoy such stimulation. Covering your windows in a way that hinders noise or the vision of your pets to the outdoors may also help them feel more comfortable and reduce issues such as territorial behavior or anxiety.

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